Chapel Of St. Demetrios The Myrrh Bearer And Miracle Worker

Chapel Of St. Demetrios The Myrrh Bearer And Miracle Worker



Offering classes, academic lectures, lectures, a rare book room, archives, a museum, InterOrthodox Press, the Orthodox Institute promotes, sustains and communicates the culture, values and teachings of Orthodox Christianity


Interfaith Dialog

Part of the Graduate Theological Union, the Orthodox Institute serves as a witness to the Orthodox Faith fostering intercommunication between faiths in an ever  increasingly interconnected world. Faculty members are invited to speak at seminars giving the Orthodox perspective on issues that face all people.

Fr Milutin PhD Serves in the Chapel


Since the inception, the Institute has been a leader in ministry on and off campus.  The institue invites Prominent scholars to educate the public giving seminars, lectures, and events that promote the Orthodox views, culture and faith.

OCF Dinners

Campus Ministry

Hosting Orthodox Christian Fellowship with neighboring UC Berkeley, the Orthodox Institute provides a welcoming place for students to gather, study and socialize in their “home away from home”

Director’s Welcome

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