The Church in the Modern World
Stavros S. Fotiou

In this three part work, Stavros S. Fotiou proposes a new ethos for the Church in the modern world. The first section explores the meaning of personhood and the implications of a person-centered society. The second looks at the historical relationship of Church and State, within the context of human free will, and the Church’s ongoing call to witness God’s salvific plan. The third considers Humanity and Nature in light of Theology, Classical and Modern Physics, and the restoration of Creation’s proper dignity through the Church’s liturgical sanctification of the world.

1. Toward a Person Centered Society: The Great Challenge of the 21st Century
2. Church and State: Symphony or A-Symphony
3. Liturgical Sanctification: The Creation as God’s Gift

About the Author
Stavros. S. Fotiou is Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Education at the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.

ISBN 1-932401-03-2
softcover :  $10.95

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