The Church in Post-Communist Europe

Christos Yannaras is the leading philosopher in Greece today. While many philosophers have not involved themselves directly with ecclesial issues and theology, Yannaras is a notable exception. He is very concerned about the "westernization‚" of Orthodox Christianity, that is the captivity of Orthodox Christian theology to non-Orthodox or western categories of thought and expression, preferring a "purely‚" Orthodox or Hellenic mode of thought. In this book, Yannaras presents the reigning consumerism of our day as a cause not only of the fall of communism, but also the dysfunction of the Orthodox Church. He suggests that Orthodox Christians have lost their sense of relationship or communion, preferring a consumerisy approach to faith. Religiosity has become just one more entertainment for consumption, rather than relation. This presentation was originally delivered as the Distinguished Lecture series at the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute, Berkeley, Califonria.

Christos Yannaras is Professor of Philosophy at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. To English readers, he is best known for his books The Freedom of Morality and Elements of Faith: An Introduction to Orthodoxy, although he has published extensively in Greek.

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