Orthodox Canon Law, A Casebook for Study
Rev. Dr. Patrick Viscuso


When the average Orthodox hears the words "canon law," among the things that may come to mind are a dusty code or a set of severe regulations resulting in excommunication for the slightest infraction. Far from it, Fr. Viscuso conveys the point that canon law, as the tradition of the canons, is an incarnational reality. The canons are pastoral standards manifesting God's saving Truth, rather than a set of harsh authoritarian rules. The author uses a unique approach with case studies to elicit answers from thereaders, while including an answer key at the end of work to provide an extermely enlightening and livelycommentary. This book will initiate dialogue and will be an exciting resource for all interested in the Life of the Church.
The Rev. Dr. Johseph Allen
Director, Antiochian House of Studies
Professor, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Among the most misunderstood and least apprecaited dimensions of the life of the Orthodox Church is its canon law. This fact applies to the laity and, to a lesser degree, also to the clergy. The reason for this bias is the degree of misinformation which abounds regarding the Church's canonical tradition.

Fr. Viscuso has attempted to put to rest such misgivings. The book Orthodox Canon Law, A Casebook for Study offers a real life view of central issues involved in Orthodox Canon Law. Since the analysis of cases plays a critical role in this study, Fr. Viscuso has assembled a broad collection of cases encountered in his work as an educator and canonist. The cases are developed in sustantial detail to reflect the rich theological and pastoral dimensions involved., and each brings the reader to an understanding of their underlying fundamental principles. Among the issues examined are the nature of canon law, its relationship to the salvation of the People of God, methods of study, marriage, gender issues, divorce, the reception of Holy Communion, autocephaly, and the problem of Orthodox unity in theAmericas. In view of the fact that the methodological approach of the case studies lends itsel ideally to the study of canon law, the reader gains valuable insights into the Church's canonical tradition as it relates to contemporary life.
Dr. Lewis Patsavos
Professor of Canon Law and
Director of Field Education
Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

About the Author:
The Rev. Dr. Patrick Viscuso is a professor of canon law, a past president of the United States Byzantine Studies Conference, and a specialist in Byzantine and Oriental ecclesiastical legislation. His most recent writings focus on the relationship of marriage to ordination, purity issues, divorce, and women's superstitions in Late Byzantium.

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