The Orthodox Church Today

"The Orthodox Church Today" is the first national survey based study of the laity, ordinary church members, in the two largest Orthodox Churches in the United States: the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) and the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). To a significant degree, this study reflects the profile of an entire Orthodox community in the United States.

The study focused on the personal social and religious attitudes of Orthodox parishioners and on the patterns of everyday life in their local parishes. "The Orthodox Church Today" addresses four broad questions:

  • What is the "image" of the Orthodox clergy in the eyes of the "people in the pews?"
  • To what extent do the social and religious attitudes of the ordinary parishioners reflect those of their parish priests?
  • What do church members think about patterns of Church life in their local parishes?
  • What do laity think about various issues dealing with "Democracy and Pluralism in the Church," "Changes and Innovations in the Church," and "religious 'Particularism' and Ecumenism.
Numerous comparisons with the US Roman Catholic and various Protestant Churches make this study especially interesting to a wide audience.

The Orthodox Church Today: A National Study of Parishioners and the Realities of Orthodox Parish Life in the US - Full Report

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