Parish Life Project

The Parish Life Project
The “Parish Life Project” was established in 2005 and administered by Alexei Krindatch. It has four purposes.
The first purpose is to study the inner realities of Orthodox parish life in the United States and to investigate major problems facing American Orthodox Churches. By surveying and interviewing the faithful, the clergy, and the hierarchy, the Parish Life Project intends to provide an accurate profile of Orthodox community life in America.
The second purpose is to offer education and training for parish leadership, both clergy and laity, especially in the areas of religious education, family and youth ministries, and other areas as needs are determined.
The third purpose is to consult and advise church leadership and the local parish clergy on how to strengthen various parish-based ministries and assure Church growth.
The fourth purpose is to make available for the wide audience and to disseminate the results of the Orthodox Parish Life studies either electronically, through the Institute's website or through the Institute's publishing arm, the InterOrthodox Press.


Publications from the Parish Life Project which are currently available for downloading:

The Orthodox Church Today

"The Orthodox Church Today" is the first national survey based study of the laity, ordinary church members, in the two largest Orthodox Churches in the United States: the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA) and the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). To a significant degree, this study reflects the profile of an entire Orthodox community in the United States.

The study focused on the personal social and religious attitudes of Orthodox parishioners and on the patterns of everyday life in their local parishes. "The Orthodox Church Today" addresses four broad questions:

  • What is the "image" of the Orthodox clergy in the eyes of the "people in the pews?"
  • To what extent do the social and religious attitudes of the ordinary parishioners reflect those of their parish priests?
  • What do church members think about patterns of Church life in their local parishes?
  • What do laity think about various issues dealing with "Democracy and Pluralism in the chirch," "Changes and Innovations in the Church," and "religious "Particularism' and Ecumenism?"
Numerous comparisons with the US Roman Catholic and various Protestant Churches make this study especially interesting to a wide audience.

The Orthodox Church Today: A National Study of Parishioners and the Realities of Orthodox Parish Life in the US - Full Report

The Orthodox Church Today: Brochure and Quick Facts

Orthodox Church Today: Highlights of the Study

Evolving Visions of the Priesthood in America
This first-ever national study of American Orthodox clergy was conducted in the Spring 2006. It surveyed clergy in the Greek Orthodox Metropolises of Chicago and San Francisco and the Orthodox Church in America Dioceses of the Midwest and West. The study focused on sources of satisfaction and challenges for priests in the ministry today and examined clergy attitudes on four subjects that are frequesntly debated in Orthodoxy today: 1) the notion and status of priests, 2) democracy and openness in the Church, 3) changes and innovations and 4) ecumenical attidudes.

Evolving Visions of the Orthodox Priesthood in America - Highlights of the Study

Full Questionnaire and Distribution of Clergy Responses

Evolving Visions of the Orthodox Priesthood in America - Executive Summary

Evolving Visions of the Orthodox Priesthood in America - Full Study

New Publications:

The Power of Micro Theology

Satisfaction and Morale Among Parish Clergy: What American Catholic and Orthodox Priests Can Learn From Each Other

Parish Needs Survey (Summer 2005)
The Parish Needs Survey studied the Greek Orthodox, Antiochian Orthodox,Orthodox Church in America and Serbian parishes in the western United States, focusing on the issues facing parishes that are most urgent for the ministry today.

Parish Needs Survey (Summer, 2005)

The Parish Life Project's studies are being developed by Alexey Krindatch. For his earlier studies on the state of Orthodoxy in America, go to:

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