Parish Needs Survey (Summer 2005)

The PAOI in order to better understand the community it serves and to design programs to meet community needs and interests, conducted the Parish Needs Survey over the summer of 2005. The survey had the following areas of concern:
  • to learn the major characteristics, particularities and distinct features of the daily lives of the parishes of the various Orthodox jurisdictions;
  • to examine perceptual differences and approaches to parish life by parish clergy and lay leaders and by the persons (both clergy and laity) who belong to various age catagories;
  • to explore areas in which parishes need "outside" assistance and to analyze what type of educational programs would be "most marketable" and who our (PAOI's) potential "customers" are.
The results can be found in four parts:

Parish Needs Overview
Parish Needs Part 1
Parish Needs Part 2
Parish Needs Part 3

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